Student Spotlight: Liz Kreitinger

The CRMRN will be sharing Q&As with graduate and postdoctoral network members throughout the summer and fall. Stay tuned! Meet Liz Kreitinger. Liz is an MS/PhD student in the Soil and Water Lab at Cornell University. With her advisor Todd Walter and CRMRN steering committee member Dave D’Amore, she is studying how watersheds process nutrients, … Continue reading Student Spotlight: Liz Kreitinger

Can yellow-cedar recover from climate-driven declines?

Across the temperate rainforest of Southeast Alaska, a change is taking root. Warming winters are reducing snowpack in the region and causing a massive decline in a culturally, economically, and ecologically important tree species; yellow-cedar. Yellow-cedar trees are adapted with fine, shallow roots that allow them to respond to early spring warming and get a … Continue reading Can yellow-cedar recover from climate-driven declines?