Student Spotlight: Liz Kreitinger

The CRMRN will be sharing Q&As with graduate and postdoctoral network members throughout the summer and fall. Stay tuned! Meet Liz Kreitinger. Liz is an MS/PhD student in the Soil and Water Lab at Cornell University. With her advisor Todd Walter and CRMRN steering committee member Dave D’Amore, she is studying how watersheds process nutrients,Continue reading Student Spotlight: Liz Kreitinger

Can yellow-cedar recover from climate-driven declines?

Across the temperate rainforest of Southeast Alaska, a change is taking root. Warming winters are reducing snowpack in the region and causing a massive decline in a culturally, economically, and ecologically important tree species; yellow-cedar. Yellow-cedar trees are adapted with fine, shallow roots that allow them to respond to early spring warming and get aContinue reading Can yellow-cedar recover from climate-driven declines?