For the listing below, we have broken papers into three categories:


Primary Publications – Core CRMRN papers written by members of the network. These publications relate directly to CRMRN goals and research areas.

Symbols-03Secondary Publications – Papers written by in collaboration with CRMRN scientists and/or papers written by network scientists that take advantage of CRMRN data but are primarily associated with other organizations or projects.

Symbols-02Tertiary Publications – Papers written by independent investigators that use CRMRN data, use summarized results from primary publications, and/or benefited from sampling opportunities through the network.

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2018 Publications

Levy-Booth, D. J., Giesbrecht, I. J., Kellogg, C. T., Heger, T. J., D’Amore, D. V., Keeling, P. J., Symbols-01Hallam, S., Mohn, W. W. 2018. Seasonal and ecohydrological regulation of active microbial populations involved in DOC, CO2, and CH4 fluxes in temperate rainforest soil. The ISME Journal. DOI:10.1038/s41396-018-0334-3

Symbols-01McNicol, G., Bulmer, C., D’Amore, D., Sanborn, P., Saunders, S., Giesbrecht, I., Gonzalez-Arriola, S., Bidlack, A.L., Butman, D., Buma, B. 2019. Large, climate-sensitive soil carbon stocks mapped with pedology-informed machine learning in the North Pacific coastal temperate rainforest. Environmental Research Letters, 14(1), 014004. DOI:10.1088/1748-9326/aaed52

Symbols-01Gonzalez Arriola, S., Giesbrecht, I.J.W., Biles, F.E., and D’Amore, D.V. 2018. Watersheds of the northern Pacific coastal temperate rainforest margin. Hakai Institute Data Package. Available at: DOI: 10.21966/1.715755.