Our Network


The Coastal Rainforest Margins Research Network is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF Award #1557186) and comprised of researchers from many organizations.

Simone Alin NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Lab Email 206-526-6819
Megan Behnke Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center, University of Alaska Southeast Email 907-957-2738
Matt Bogard University of Washington Email 206-402-7011
Eddy Carmack Fisheries and Oceans Canada Email 250-888-3337
Katie Davidson University of Victoria Email
Heida Diefenderfer Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Coastal Science Division Email 360-379-0210
Jason Fellman Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center, University of Alaska Southeast Email 907-796-6370
Sean Fleming College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State University Email 541-250-1248
Bill Floyd Vancouver Island University, BC Government Email 250-616-3262
Melissa Foley U.S. Geological Survey Email 831-392-6316
Miguel Goni Oregon State University Email 541-737-0578
Jenn Hamblen Sitka Tribe of Alaska Email 907-747-7168
Alex Hare Hakai Institute Email 250-285-3134
Eran Hood University of Alaska Southeast Email 907-796-6244
Mark Johnson University of British Columbia Email 778-999-2102
Peter Kiffney NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service Email 360-393-1406
Elizabeth Kreitinger Cornell University Email 607-342-7990
Catherine Kuhn University of Washington School of Environmental and Forest Sciences Email 773-343-7887
Ken Lertzman School of Resource and Environmental Management, Simon Fraser University Email 778-782-3069
Hannah McSorley Vancouver Island University/Hakai Institute Email 250-755-6062
Brian Menounos University of Northern British Columbia Email 250-960-6266
Allison Oliver University of Alberta/Hakai Institute Email 604-698-6325
Steven Perakis U.S. Geological Survey Email 541-750-0991
Eric Peterson Hakai Institute Email 250-285-2317
Matthew Rogers NOAA Fisheries, Alaska Fisheries Science Center Email
Rob Spencer Florida State University Email 530-601-0623
Sarah Stackpoole U.S. Geological Survey Email 303-236-0271
Rob Striegl U.S. Geological Survey Email 720-539-1282
Joel Trubilowicz Northwest Hydraulic Consultants Email 778-320-5457
Jennifer Walkus Hakai Institute Email
Nicholas Ward Pacific Northwest National Lab Email
Jackie Webb Southern Cross University Email