CRMRN publishes a transboundary soil organic carbon stock assessment in the north PCTR

Large, climate-sensitive soil carbon stocks mapped with pedology-informed machine learning in the North Pacific coastal temperate rainforest

CRMRN postdoc Gavin McNicol recently published an assessment of soil organic carbon stock across the north Pacific coastal temperate rainforest in Environmental Research Letters. Using a machine learning approach, McNicol found that there are 4.5 Petagrams of carbon stored in the soils of the north Pacific temperate rainforest to a depth of 1 meter. This work suggests that the wet coastal regions of northern British Columbia and central southeast Alaska are a hotspot for carbon storage across mid-latitude ecosystems, and store carbon at a similar density to the rich, peat-forming ecosystems of the Arctic.

Read the accepted manuscript, or check out graphical abstract below.

The soil profile dataset is available online.



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