Scientist Exchange Program now accepting applications

The Coastal Rainforest Margins Research Network (CRMRN) is currently accepting applications for the Scientist Exchange Program (SEP).

The goals of this exchange program are to facilitate new collaborations between scientists; build new skills in field, laboratory, or statistical techniques; and assist with production of a deliverable product of the collaboration (e.g., manuscripts, data sets, research proposals).

SEP Application Form

Deadline: Applications will be reviewed as they are received.

Funding Details:

  • Funding may be applied towards travel to visit a particular lab, institution, or field station; to facilitate training on a particular methodology or technique; to convene small groups for collaborative work; and/or to gain expertise in the running of particular software package, scientific equipment, or machinery.
  • The research proposal must be complementary to the goals of the CRMRN (which can be reviewed at org). Successful applications may focus on research questions in terrestrial or marine biogeochemistry or ecosystem ecology; hydrology; forest or wetland ecology; food webs; soil science; oceanography; ecosystem modeling; or climate change.
  • Applicants can be individuals or small groups of researchers, and funding is open to researchers from universities, agencies, tribes, or NGOs. The SEP will cover travel expenses, including airfare, ground transportation, lodging, and per diem for individuals to visit a lab or engage in field work, or for small groups to convene for an intensive work session.
  • If applicant is an individual seeking to visit a particular lab or host institution, a signature or email indicating support MUST be obtained from the potential host as part of the applicant’s package. Applicants are encouraged to contact hosts prior to beginning their application package in order to insure a strong collaboration between host and applicant. Hosts are encouraged to be post-tenure professors (associate professor or higher), or other professional scientists at comparable career stages at governmental institutions (e.g. USGS, USFS), but may be professional scientists at any level.
  • Total funding available is anticipated to be $8,500. Proposed budgets can be up to that amount. Match funding is not required, but is encouraged.
  • Applications are especially encouraged from researchers in the early career stage, ranging from PhD students to assistant professor (pre-tenure) level; and from under-represented groups.
  • Funding cannot be used for research or education expenses such as supplies, instruments, salary, or tuition. Funding is notto be used for attendance or travel to conferences or workshops.
  • Concerning international collaborations, funding can support:
    • Project-related expenses for US scientists and students participating in exchange visits (domestic or international).
    • Project-related expenses for international partners to engage in research activities while in the United States as a project participant.

Note: For the SEP to remain aligned with the goals of the CRMRN, either the host or applicant (or both) must be within one degree of separation from the network. Either the host or applicant may be within the CRMR network themselves, or may be a student, post-doc, mentor, or close colleague of someone in the network. This is a broad network, so please contact Allison Bidlack with any questions. Members of the network can be reviewed in full at

Requirements Following Program Participation: Within 60 days of the use of program funding, the awardee(s) will submit a single 2-page interaction report describing the collaboration and the development of the deliverable product. This report should incorporate plans for continued collaboration (if any) and how the applicant and host feel the interaction impacted their future research plans and/or career trajectories. The CRMRN will follow up with the host and applicant to determine the outcome of the deliverable product. Acknowledgment of funding is expected in the deliverable product where applicable.

For More Information: Details on the CRMRN focus and goals may be reviewed at Questions on the CRMRN SEP or application process may be addressed to Dr. Allison Bidlack at

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